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NBM Webinar Series on Environment, Health and Safety Management

The National Biopharma Mission is pleased to announce Webinar Series on ‘Environment, Health and Safety’ to be organized in the autumn 2020 in order to sensitize and create awareness about environment management and sustainability amongst the stakeholders of biopharmaceutical sector.

The National Biopharma Mission is a flagship initiative of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), in partnership with World Bank, with the mission to promote and fund innovative product development and infrastructure building for biopharmaceuticals in India. As the product development and related components for creation of robust innovation ecosystem in the biotech sector is the primary focus of National Biopharma Mission, the following elements become inevitable such as compliance to corresponding legislations, good practices in research and development methods, enhanced awareness on social and environmental risk management procedures and adherence to bioethics principles.

The National Biopharma Mission is committed to environmental sustainability by upholding numerous good practices throughout their pursuit of fulfilling their mandate including:

For detailed information on the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Framework (EMF) of the National Biopharma Mission, please visit this link

The coverage of the 6 webinars as part the Webinar series will be laws for environment protection & waste management in India, environmental and health risks associated with biotech activities, compliance to Indian legislation for biopharma sector, biosafety and biocontainment rules and procedures, risk assessment and mitigation strategies during research/manufacturing, laboratory safety, hazard identification, process safety, environment sustainability – resource efficiency and conservation, use of green technologies, etc. The intended audience for the webinars will be biopharma companies, startups, incubators and generally all stakeholders of the biotechnology industry.

Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi is assisting National Biopharma Mission in overall coordination for organizing the webinars.

The schedule of the Webinar Series on Environment, Health and Safety Management is given below:

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